Friday, June 27, 2014

Tribute to the British-Canadian War Orphans of WWII

   After WWII, may British Orphans were sent to Canada to work on the farms. 

   I had the honor of meeting three of these orphans who were residents at a nursing home that I worked at in the 1980s. 

   These three residents were sent to Hasting's County after WWII, lived and worked on farms near and around my father's ancestors farms, who were all farmers from south of Madoc and Tweed, Ontario. 

   These three sweet residents were Johnny Waite, Sissy Orford, and Eleanor Copeland. 

   They often told me about how difficult their lives had been.  

 Lena Copeland and Vera Copeland-Hart.  Lena worked on one of my ancestor's farms and then I met her in the 1980's.  She said that she'd never had any toys or teddy bears as a child so I brought her a teddy bear and she loved him at 80 some odd years old.  Sweet lady.